Professor Kishor Wasan

How to Be a Leader Who Inspires Others

Professor Kishor Wasan pointed out that the best leaders are those who can get people to follow them. They know how important it is to work as a team and value what others bring to the table. Lea...

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Managing Competing Values: The Four Types of Leadership

According to Professor Kishor Wasan, for every form of leadership, there are certain qualities and outcomes to be aware of. The book, The Four Types of Leadership, addresses the issue of conflict...

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Leadership Qualities Exemplified

According to Professor Kishor Wasan, leaders capable of enlisting others must be both courageous and compassionate. They must possess sound judgment, effective communication skills, and a high...

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Search for Urological Specialists Near Me

In Professor Kishor Wasan’s opinion, it is the specialty of urinary tract and male reproductive system illnesses that urologists treat. Waste and poisons are removed from the body via th...

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The Indiana University School of Medicine and the Center for Global Health Research

Professor Kishor Wasan emphasized the IU School of Medicine's commitment to global health research. Cancer and oncology, cognitive child development, HPV, reproductive health, TB, surgery, and ment...

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Why Urology?

Professor Kishor Wasan view Urology is the study of diseases of the male and female urinary systems. Male reproductive organs are included. This page will define urology and provide useful informa...

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